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Fourth;4th - Mrs. Sheryl Cronin

Due Date Assignment Description
10/19/2018 Lit

Spelling Test -see page 37 in Spelling book.

8/30/2018 Homework -Mrs. Cronin

Fourth Social Studies -Paragraph Compare and Contrast Pueblo and Plains people.

Fifth Social Studies- No homework

Sixth Social Studies  No homework

Seventh Social Studies - No homework

Science - 1- 5 Conversion questions on worksheet( See p. 13)

Fourth Literature- Spelling test tomorrow (See p. 7) for words and do pages 10-11.

10/5/2017 Fourth Grade

Mon Oct. 3, 2017

Literature:  Study spelling words from pg. 13 in Spelling book

Social Studies: Write 3 sentences about the why England was successful.

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